Monday, November 12, 2007

Stephen King's Cat

The idea came from my (unpublished) Famous People's Cats Too! book but I couldn't find the original manuscript so I redrew this for Richard's birthday gift. (Stephen King is one of his favourite authors.)


Anonymous said...

Alas, a real Stephen King cat would have morphed into a more colourful creature, a large, robust, tawny-coloured cow that had three heads that would suck the juices out of the chins of all male victims, while the Mistress would laugh. Because he is just a baby.

Ronna said...

Dear Anonymous;
I know who you are and Cinnamon is a baby and that was just a love bite he gave you (and he DOESN'T have three heads!!)

addison Dewitt said...

Hey Anon. - I got "love bitten" too - and it got ugly.

Stephen (Not Cuteness) King said...

Oh, stop it all of you!


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