Monday, August 8, 2016

Triplets birthday cakes

My friends had triplets and asked me to make a cake for their girls six years ago.
The party theme was cowgirls and cowboys. I jumped at the chance!

The following year they had a disco theme. I matched the cake to the image on the invitation.

Then they had a Star Wars-themed party. I made a giant Chewbacca.

Harry Potter was the theme du jour the following year. I made The Monster Book of Monsters cake.

 Lord of the Rings was last year's theme so I made a Hobbit hole cake.

 And now the girls have turned ten and last weekend they celebrated with a Peanuts cake.
What fun.


Evlyn said...

Every cake a work of art! What lucky girls they are to have such incredible cakes for their birthday.

Cat Lover said...

Great cakes! I would not want to eat them. But of course I would!

thedevilcorp said...

Good post.


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