Thursday, July 21, 2016

A week of flowers

 My sister challenged me to post a flower a day for a week on Facebook. Here's what I posted:
Bloodroot growing by the side of the road. It's called bloodroot because if you break it, the sap inside is reddish.

 Crocuses growing in my lawn. This one was shot in 2010 when we hit 30C in March.
The crocuses came up, bloomed and died all on the same day.

 Dear old digitalis...foxglove that Richard's brother-in-law grew this year in his magnificent garden.

 Me with my lupin bed, originally planted with two packages of seeds I got in Oregon.

 Wild milkweed, so fragrant and so important to monarch butterflies.

 My one, amazing primrose that has come up every year for the past 10 or more years.

The rare Ram's Head ladyslipper that grows a secret location around here!

1 comment:

Cat Lover said...

Beautiful flowers Ronna! We were lucky to have a few Lady slippers growing on our land in Nova Scotia and of course lupins!


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