Saturday, July 2, 2016

Canada Day parade in my little town

 Canada Day in Alexandria, Ontario. We live in a farming community.

 Goulet Septic was all dolled up.

 Fun floats.

 A Pacer wagon was my best friend in the '70s. A friend and I drove to Florida in one. It had denim seats!

 Little horses.

 Big horses.

 There were even mini-goats.

 Our fire department's truck was loud with its sirens blaring.

Here Richard and I waiting for candy. Natalie was striking a pose!


Cat Lover said...

Love the Pacer! Looks like a fun day. Great photo of the three of you at the end.

Jenny said...

Only in Alexandria would the septic tank truck be in the parade! Hope it had a bath before arriving :) Nice to see people having fun.

Karen said...

Small town parades are so much fun! I agree with Jenny about the Septic truck, hahaha.
Carol Ann Meehan has a great little video on her blog of her Sheenboro parade. I love people commenting about meeting old friends being the best part.


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