Thursday, April 10, 2014

Buttercream Basics

 I gave a class on buttercream basics at The Quirky Carrot in Alexandria.

 There were six people in the class.

 Everyone got a cupcake and a 6" cake to decorate.

 After my demo, everyone went to town on their cakes.

 Here's a pic of Julia, who owns the Carrot, taking pix of a busy student.

 Lots of different techniques. Here a gal attempts basketweave...and did a great job!

 Cupcake with green shells.

 A sunflower cupcake in the making.

 This cake ended up as a beautiful underwater scene replete with seaweed and fish.

 More basketweave.

 Good piping bag techniques...

 Here's the underwater scene getting its fishy.

 Daughter helping mother making a rose.

 Attempting stringwork and lace. Wow!

The graduating class with their handywork. Well done class of 2014!


Evlyn said...

Learning never looked so yummy! What fun - and what beautiful results!

Deb said...

I'm waiting for your tv show. Great photos and looks like lots of fun.


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