Sunday, April 6, 2014

6th Annual Winter Picnic

 This year we had our annual picnic in the woods on April 6th.

The snow bridge is still intact over the little creek, which is running from the melt.

 It was 4C and sunny...actually a nice temperature for a hot cuppa tea.

 Everything tastes better outside, right?

 We had to snowshoe in this year there's still so much snow.
And we got to try out the new table which isn't perfectly flat...but who cares!

 This year's fare was kosher salami sandwiches on dark rye.

And a little salsa and chips too!


Deb said...

Splendid way to spend the day.

Sarah said...

I love winter picnics! Looks great! :)

Jenny said...

Snow picnic - the perfect way to celebrate spring. And yes, everything tastes better on a snow picnic.


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