Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Big Dumpster in the Sky

 I had this really really old sofa that my parents bought in the 1970s. I also had a pee pee cat who loved the sofa. When Cinnamon died, I swore I'd get rid of the sofa. A few weeks back, I finally did.

 And the perfectly ugly sofa came with two ugly side chairs that the other cats took a liking too. I bet I had generations of cats who liked to claw those chairs.

 Lucky for me, Gordon and Natalie were getting a dumpster and graciously offered to schlep my old furniture away...

 Oh gawd, I was so hoping that everything would fit in  their trailer.

 Gordon was pretty adept at fitting the puzzle of the sofa and two chairs together.

Then of course, there was time for me to wear the little arm protector thingies one last time.

 This is me being very happy to get rid of that darn old furniture. Truth be told, my mother brought this set home and I think she hated it from day one.

 But as I recall, Dad got it from a furniture place in trade for a brochure he did for them.

 My mum would be delighted to see the back end of these!

And see, I never removed the tag that said, "Never remove this tag under peril of prosecution!"


Deb said...

I love chuckin' stuff I am done with. Yes, it looks like the kitties enjoyed that couch. Women have to pick out their furniture themselves. Men's taste is never the same.

Addison Dewitt said...

If only that sofa set could talk... the stories...

Evlyn said...

Ah, the pleasures of getting rid of the clutter in our homes (and lives!). Looks like it was a joyous event. You made me chuckle with the picture of the tag that should not be removed under pain of prosecution - I never removed them either, but don't know why.

Knatolee said...

Those tags used to TERRIFY me as a kid. I was sure the cops were going to come and drag me away if I ripped them off!

Bye bye couch! I was just glad it didn't fall off the trailer. :)


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