Friday, December 21, 2012

Step-by-Step Starry Night Cake

I started with a double layer chocolate cake which I covered with vanilla buttercream. I lightly sketched out van Gogh's Starry Night with a toothpick on top.

 I started filling in colours with a round tip. I did three shades of blue...

 ...and two shades of yellow.

 The sky was fun but then there were the mountains and houses to do too. Oh my!

 The tree was piped in very dark green with chocolate added.

I did some white highlights to really make the sky swirl. The little town below has a few yellow lights on in those teeny houses. Van Gogh's loose painting style really lent itself to was just like painting on canvas except it was cake.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely Awesome!

Rolf Freier, Tuxedo Park, New York

Linda Lee said...

Absolutely awesome, indeed.It's simply brilliant!

Addison Dewitt said...

Vincent would be so proud!

Razzberry Corner said...

This cake is so perfect!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Only patience like yours could create this beautiful cake!


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