Monday, June 4, 2012

Drying Fondant Butterflies

I cut out butterflies from rolled fondant and decorated them with food colouring and then wanted them to dry as if they were flying. Problem was it was hot and humid out and there was no way those butterflies would dry.

I decided that since the back sides of the butterflies were against waxed paper, they would never dry so I needed to come up with something to let the air pass through the fondant. I found a piece of hardware cloth or weasel wire.

It's basically heavy gauged wire, almost like a giant screen but heavier. It holds its shape if you bend it, so I bent it into a "v".

 Then I placed the butterflies onto it.

Even with this drying technique, the fondant butterflies stayed somewhat moist and never hardened completely. (Apparently they tasted pretty good!)

Still, they worked very well on the cake and had a three dimensional quality to them.


Evlyn said...

Ahh - the things we go through for Art! Clever solution, using bent wire mesh like that. They really look beautiful, bent or not - and I bet they tasted wonderful!

Claire said...

Oh Ronna that cake looks absolutely gorgeous. The '3D' effect of the butterflies is just great.......worth the effort.

CLaire :}


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