Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dear Old Digitalis

My friend Peter and I share a favourite line from Howard's End. It goes something like this:

01:11:43 There's no clause in the agreement to allow subletting.
01:11:45 There you are. Read it yourself. That's awfully jolly.
01:11:48 - Thank you. - Yes. Especially that. Foxgloves.
01:11:51 Yes. Dear old digitalis.
01:11:53 Digitalis, sounds like a sneeze.

Okay, so it doesn't make much sense but I like the interchange.

Foxgloves. Mine from last year returned. Dear old digitalis has returned.


Claire said...

Beautiful Foxgloves Ronna, I love them.
I have just planted a punnet of Foxglove seedlings, I've wanted to grow them for years........
Can't wait for Summer.

Claire :}

Addison Dewitt said...

Howard's End - one of the greatest movies ever!


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