Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Walk with Peggi

I love going on walks with my friend Peggi. She's a nature lover with a keen eye. She pointed out these maidenhair ferns to me a few years back and they are now a fave.

Marsh marigolds are a bright and happy flower, almost at the end of their season.

Dragonflies of every colour and size were buzzing around happily in the spring sunshine.

This common yellowthroat warbler sang his little heart out and sat still long enough for me to grab a photo.

A mud puddle contained a happy, chortling frog.

Peggi noticed this very large garter snake, sunning itself on a rock.

The best part of the walk was coming upon these tiny Ram's Head Lady's Slipper orchids.

They are uncommon in Ontario and so small and delicate, they're easy to miss. And no, Peggi wasn't picking one...she was trying to show their scale by having her hand in the photo!

And not to be missed? The trip to Tim Horton's after the three hour walk. Here is the rare and seasonal s'mores donut, only around till the end of the month.


Knatolee said...

All great pics, Ronna, but I especially love those dainty little orchids. And the doughnut! :)

Marcia said...

Stalking the wild s'mores! I love it!

The orchids are really cool, too... xoxo

Evlyn said...

What beautiful photos. Reminds me of walks I took as a child in the woods near my parents' cottage. Ladyslippers are such amazing flowers - a treasure to find.

Sam Smith said...

Very nice pictures! Always nice to see wild orchids.

frannie said...

These close-up pics are great. Dragonfly is my favourite.

Margie said...

S'mores donut! I hadn't heard about that one. Maybe it isn't here in the West...


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