Monday, November 29, 2010

House Tour

Richard and I went for our first walk in the back of the property since last spring. Seems there were lots of vacant homes around. This bird condo was empty... was this thinning nest.

The moss on this tree is likely home to an insect or two.

And this bunny stayed in his little brush pile until we vamoosed. Can you spot the bunny?


Lauren said...

LOVE the bunny photo! Thanks for posting.

Marcia said...

Took me a while to spot the bunny. How cute!

Knatolee said...

I like it at this time of year, where I can get to the parts of our farm that were too overgrown to walk through in summer.

But I can't see the bunny!

Knatolee said...

Well geez, the minute I said that, I saw the bunny! I was looking for a brown rabbit, not white. Very cool!


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