Monday, November 15, 2010

Cookie Time

For our art sale next weekend, each of the three artists is baking something yummy to serve at the show. I made white and milk chocolate swirl chip cookies with raisins, almonds and chopped walnuts. They're now in the freezer waiting for next Sunday.

Then I decided, with Richard's help, to make candied ginger cookies that I saw in the latest Martha Stewart Cookies magazine. I changed her suggested lemon icing and topped these with white chocolate drizzles instead.

Lucky me that Richard was on clean-up detail!


Knatolee said...

YOu have set the cookie "bar" very high. Beautiful!

Evlyn said...

Now I have another incentive for going to your wonderful art sale this weekend.

Elisabeth said...

Love a man in the kitchen!
Looking forward to tasting those cookies.


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