Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beau's All Natural Brewing Co.

In Vankleek Hill, about a 15 minute drive from me is a fantastic micro-brewery called Beau's. It's won a ton of awards and is really popular around here (and everywhere it seems)!

We went for a quick visit, while my sister was in town. The brewery had blackboards with info letting you know which brews were available...

...and tanks where they brew the beer. They'll even give you a tour if you ask them.

The fridge is full of various sized bottles...

...and the folks behind the counter couldn't be more enthusiastic.

My sister Marci and I each tasted a glass full and bought some to bring home. It's great to have Beau's All Natural Brewing Co. just down the road from me!

1 comment:

Knatolee said...

Goes great with poutine, I'm sure!


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