Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Update on the Kittens

Remember the teeny kittens that showed up in Richard's garden in September?

Well Millie and Percy are happy and growing like weeds...

...and making themselves at home.

Barney, the former barn cat usually takes his spot in front of the wood stove.

The senior cat in the house, Skanoo, will have very little to do with any of them and usually perches on the bed, away from all the kitten action.

And Barney?

He and Percy have become fast friends with lots of cleaning, playing and snuggling.

What a way to pass the winter...in the arms of a nice, warm kitty.


Elisabeth said...

They may be growing... but they are still cute as a button!

Jenny said...

Richard is certainly giving those kitties a wonderful home. Great that Barney and Percy play together. Our two cats don't like each other.

goldenbird said...

Millie and Percy are adorable. Of course, I'm biased because I have a tabby and a black cat, too. Love the picture of Barney cleaning Percy ... I love it when my cats nurture each other.

Marcia said...

Great pix! Glad the little guys have found such a happy home. xxoo Yer Sis

Newsman said...

And the little darlings never sleep, and they have taken a fancy to every remaining strip of wallpaper in the house.
Apart from that, though, they are Greeaaaatttt!

snippetgirl said...

OH, i could die!!! TOOOO cute!!! I love it. What a lucky pair of kittens!!!! Seeing this post really makes my day :).
Purrs and headbonks to all~~


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