Monday, September 22, 2008

Federal Election Excitement

I'm not a terribly political person and don't really like discussing politics very much but Richard was covering the opening of our local Liberal constituent's office in Alexandria, Ontario and asked if I'd like to tag along.

It's a pretty big deal when the leader of the opposition, and possible Prime Minister, shows up in such a tiny place. Stephane Dion, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, stepped off the bus and landed in Alexandria.

I was surprised that amongst all the big wigs from papers like the Ottawa Citizen, The National Post and The Globe and Mail, there was me, in the political scrum, taking pictures. Pretty cool.

When it was over, Mr. Dion crossed the street and started shaking hands and I happened to be right there. I ended up having a short discussion with him. I told him that I had seen him at the Joe Fafard art show (at the National Gallery in Ottawa last March) and was impressed that he was interested in the arts in Canada. So I asked him what his policy was on support for the arts and he got very animated and said he was making an announcement on the subject in 2 hours (which he did, later that day in Montreal).
Oddly enough, the CTV National News that night showed Stephane Dion making his speech in Alexandria and then having a little discussion with a certain so-and-so as the clip ended. Me the little politico, eh?


justjen said...

No surprise to me! You seem to always be in just the right place at just the right time! Way to go. Congrats!

Marcia said...

Really neat -- Always nice to see a politician getting involved at the grass-roots level... and with MY sister! Priceless!!


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