Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Muskoka Impressions #2

One of my favourite photos from our week in the Muskokas. Here's 14-year-old Angus, a sweet little Westie, checking out one of the Mottled Ducks that hung out with us by the dock.

I tried sketching Angus and although these drawing aren't the perfect portrait of him, I like their looseness.

Richard snapped this of me while I was sketching the late-blooming delphinium.

My watercolours weren't as bright and vibrant as the real thing.

I swam with the ducks! They were curious about me and I tried quacking to get them closer but this was about as close as they dared.

Quick duck sketches. Mottled Ducks are related to the American Black Duck but lighter. Their feathers were really interesting up close.

I found these large duck feathers on the lawn on way to the dock. Fun to paint.


Sandy Mastroni said...

I love the photo of YOU
wonderful colors
the flowers , your hair
the green in the background
and you look happy
I have a photo of me on my blog and I look nuts
but I'm happy too

kate said...

I love the photo of Angus. Great colours and perfect composition which tell a great story. It's got it all! And your loose drawings of Angus are wonderful! So happy you had a nice vacation.


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