Saturday, September 20, 2008

Big Things: Apple

I seem to be on a roll with "Big Things." So here's another: The Big Apple in Colbourne, Ontario. It advertises a restaurant, small zoo (mostly bunnies) and a huge pie-baking enterprise where they sell hundreds of thousands of apple pies (and various other flavours too). Imagine how many pies could be made from this huge apple?


kate said...

Love the photo! I've actually tried one of their pies and have to say that it wasn't the best pie I've ever eaten! But it is an institution!

addison Dewitt said...

Love The Big Apple - even though their pies suck the BIG one.

Jeff said...

Sorry Ronna, but there's only 1 big apple.

Anonymous said...

October 2008

From Carole

The Big Apple bakes the absolute WORST pies in the world - the apples were uncooked and still quite crunchy, the crust white and mushy – partially baked not waste your money -they do not stand behind their products as I have been waiting for a reply from them since August 18th...they do not answer my letter or return my three to them comes back undeliverable. This company has no quality control and obviously no interest in customer satisfaction...have to assume it is a total Tourist trap!


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