Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The View Out My Window

In Jen Worden's current challenge, she asks: "Share the view out your window. It can be literal OR it can be figurative. Bonus points if you include any other colour than white. Any medium."
This is the view from my bedroom window of the cedars that run along the side of the house. Late in the day, the sun comes up behind them casting long, blue shadows.
And spring is around the corner. I heard my first red-winged blackbird yesterday.


cat said...

This picture is really great!! It feels like your looking at a painting.

Ronna said...

Acutally it's ink and colour pencil.

NightSerf said...

decades ago
we formed our line
we bend and whisper
as we sway together
with the breeze
bark to branch
branch to twig
blue shadows at our backs
our faces in the sun
contented with our dance

Andy Sims


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