Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's Spring!

Yesterday, Peggi and I gave our second class in a month on wild edibles, this time at the Two Beans Cafe in Alexandria, ON. The group was the Encore Seniors and the nine attendees asked lots of questions and provided a lively discussion. We had a small tasting at the end of the talk too. Talking about wild plants somehow reminds one that spring is here (or at least on its way).
This set of ATCs was the first set I ever did. I cut up the photocopied proofs of the rough draft of my book Wild in the Kitchen and superimposed my sketches over the text and coloured them in. Who knew I'd do hundreds of ATCs after this initial attempt?

1 comment:

kaleesi said...

I really like the style of these - they look great - no wonder you wound up making more :)


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