Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Magritte's Other Choices ATCs

I was going to post another shot of winter here in Eastern Ontario, being in the midst of yet another major winter storm (ice pellets and accumulations of possibly 30 cm of snow). Instead I'm posting a set of artist trading cards I did that make me smile. I'd better find something amusing...looks like we're going to make the record this winter for the most snow ever. Wish I had my money in snowblower stocks.


Joyce said...

I got a smile out of these!

Anonymous said...

Love them!

Yay, the breeding atlas I bought Mr. Dusty arrived yesterday! And his name is there, under D for Mr. Dusty! Plus the mark for the Red Headed Woodpecker nest he found.

We looked up your name too.

Jen said...

Love these Ronna. We're gettin' whacked with the storm now. urgh!


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