Monday, May 21, 2007

Fortunes & Hands ATCs

Saturday was one of those perfect days. The sun was shining, it wasn't too hot and I didn't have to be anywhere. With the intention of doing a set of artist trading cards, I decided to sketch the flowers in my garden and brought out some old mat board and a black Sharpie marker. Then I realized that very little has actually bloomed yet. So I drew my car and the old blacksmith shop that sits near the road. Not quite what I was in the mood for.

Then I looked down. What about drawing my left hand? It was the old art school exercise that everyone does at some point. Hands. They are still the most difficult thing in the world to get right.

I doodled and doodled and then went in to get my watercolour set, a brush and some water. Once I coloured in the ATCs, I thought they still needed something. What about fortune cookie fortunes? I had dozens of them saved from the Chinese buffet in Hawkesbury (when Richard was employed and we'd meet there every Wednesday). So I went in and brought out the tiny slips of paper, gluestick, a knife, a ruler, cutting board and a pencil. By the time these cards were done, I had a ton of art supplies strewn all over the patio. But what could be better than doing ATCs "en plein air?"


Heidicrafts said...

Some of the hands look like a game of Rock-Scissors-Paper

Anonymous said...

I was going to say the same thing--rock paper etc from Oregon. Or it might be sign language...o those ATCs mean Bush is a jerk, or is that just my soiuth-of-the-border interpretation?


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