Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Duckling Update

Peggi visited the pond on her way to work yesterday morning (7:45 a.m.) and there were three little duckies sitting on a reed, sunning and preening themselves. At around 10 a.m., I went out my front door and a gray and white duck flew over my head quacking and landed somewhere in the maple tree behind my house. I'm sure it was a female wood duck. I went across to the pond and there were no ducklings in it.

My theory is that she came over the next morning and checked to see where the rest of her brood was and marched them all back across the road to wherever she wanted them to be. (Thank goodness Peggi had seen them that morning, otherwise I would have thought they all had died!)

And the ducklings lived happily ever after...


uncertainvoyage said...

They are sooo cute!

Susan Williamson said...

I just love your blog. Chocolate, kitties, ATCs and now baby ducks! Sigh.

Francine said...

Did it bite?


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