Monday, April 30, 2007

Walk in the Woods

What a glorious Sunday we had! My neighbours, who live in Ottawa and own the property up the hill from me (where there is no water or electricity) had phoned the day before to say they were coming up to the farm to have a picnic and we were invited. Richard and I arrived at 1:30 to a full spread of sausages (cooking on the Coleman stove), coleslaw, potato salad and wine. Along with that, my neighbours brought 2 German exchange students, who are in Canada for 6 months, in order to learn English.

After our picnic, the sun came out and we went for a long walk through the woods. We were lucky that there were no bugs out yet. When we returned and sat on lawn chairs outside, the mosquitoes started to emerge. I got my first bite of the season. Let the games begin.

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Anonymous said...

Great picture Ronna!


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