Wednesday, April 4, 2007

ATCs That Are For The Birds!

The birds are back north from their winter vacation. I saw my first Robin a few weeks back, pecking in frozen ground. The Red-winged Blackbirds are back too, making their distinctive squawks from every fencepost.

These ATCs are inspired by Martha Stewart paint chips I got at the hardware store. I loved the colour combinations and tried to illustrate birds on the chips that shared similar colour combos.

ATC Quarterly is looking for submissions for the centre spread for the summer issue. Fittingly, the subject is "Birds." We have already gotten some fantastic ATCs; one came all the way from Austria! Deadline is May 15, 2007. Submissions may be sent by snail mail or email. Click here for more info.


Susan Williamson said...

Love the bird ATCs and the egg journal! There's something about birds and eggs and nests that makes you feel good about being alive!

Sharon said...

oooh Ronna you're so creative, and I will send you some ATC for the upcoming bird theme too!
nice use of paint chips baby!
sharon/atc online


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