Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Oreo & Cookie's Excellent Adventure

Yesterday was check-up day at the vet for Oreo and Cookie, my 2 six-year-old cats.(Oreo is pictured above...I have yet to draw Cookie but I intend to one of these days.) Capturing those two is like a scene out of the TV show "24." I got the cages out and ready three days before the actual appointment. When we were ready to go, I put on my big leather fireplace gloves and nabbed Oreo (Cookie was sleeping at the back of the house so it was much easier to surprise her). By the time we got to the vet, the howling in the car was at a fever's pitch.

Friday is Nutmeg's turn. Anyone got a Valium?


Sharon said...

Well, I fully understand the ordeal. I have to take my Tayoh to the vet every 2 months for a cortisone shot. She never feels it so I don't know what the fuss is all about. But although I have the carrier in the room for 3 days prior to the appointment and she sits in it, doesn't seem to mind its presence, the day of the visit she is guaranteed to go missing. It once took almost an hour to find her hiding under the table, upside down and clinging with her claws to the wooden crossbars. What a little sneak. But it does make me feel guilty as hell.
You are such an amazing artist! Your work reminds me of the works of Christopher and Mary Pratt. What is your medium?

Ronna said...

Thanks Sharon. Not sure I'm worthy of the comparison to the Pratts but it's really nice to hear. I mostly work in colour pencil and add white acrylic or india ink for more emphasis.
Yes, I too feel so darn guilty about taking the cats to the vet. And I know about the hiding cat thing. My 17 yr. old Domino was out of reach and in-hiding for an hour too...I had to call the vet and tell them I might have to miss the appointment. In the end I got her but what guilt when I did!


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