Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine fun

 Okay, I love to play with my food! I figured Valentine's Day would be a fun time to do this. 
I invited Richard for a mid-week Valentine's dinner. We started with a cold borscht beet soup, topped with sour cream and a heart-shaped pickled beet.

 Next I made a salad of blood orange supremes, served atop romaine lettuce and sprinkled with roasted walnuts, feta cheese and a few more heart beets...

 Since there was kind of a red thing going on, I made a reddish chicken...pineapple chicken in a red sauce with pineapples and red, yellow and orange peppers.

 For dessert, I made individual mini-cakes shaped like conversation hearts. Since Richard and I share the same initials, I made a teeny cake heart that said, RM x2.

Perfect way to say "I love you!" Hope your valentine's day was delicious too!


Evlyn said...

Everything looks both delicious and romantic!

Cat Lover said...

What a wonderful meal! A feast for the eyes and tummy.


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