Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Woods close up

 The first snowfall took us into the woods. Funny how this poplar is still growing but is missing half its trunk.

 Look at these teeny weeny mushrooms growing on the tree trunk. My sis said they looked like mini-pancakes.

 I love how the base of a few trees had frills of moss. So dynamic against the white snow backdrop.

Another green frilly skirt.

Love the detail of the moss. Wonder what's living in there?

 I also looked really closely at the trunk and noticed all the lichen growing there. Mini-lives on the trunk. Cool.


Evlyn said...

This is the best way to appreciate the beauty of Nature - up very close so we can see the amazing details and intricacies. Lovely photos!

Jenny said...

Great pics. I really like the frilly green tree :)

Anna Rhodes said...

amazing photographs first one bit scary


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