Sunday, December 18, 2016

A few cakes...

 So fun to do cakes in the winter when I'm not worried about humidity! This one was for a friend who celebrated a milestone birthday a few weeks back. She loves flowers and is passionate about her garden. As well, she's an accomplished artist. So I thought I'd do a different sort of floral cake. Instead of classic buttercream roses or fondant flowers, I piped them from coloured chocolate and put them on a quadruple layer chocolate cake. Death by chocolate!

Another friend celebrated a not-so-milestone birthday but since we missed the big one last year, we decided to celebrate anyhow. Dane absolutely loves Cherry Blossoms so I made a cake that looked like a giant Cherry Blossom. I hear he really liked it. 


Cat Lover said...

Great cakes Ronna. Love the Cherry Blossom one!

Jenny said...

You have such a great imagination and so much skill. Both cakes are amazing.


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