Monday, May 23, 2016

BBQ just over the border...


My cousins from New Hampshire were driving to Canton, NY to attend their daughter's graduation from  St. Lawrence University. They asked if we wanted to come down for a bbq and a visit. We jumped at the chance! (It's only about 1.5 hrs south of here.)

We picked up some beer, once we crossed the border. I loved the label of this IPA craft beer, and it tasted pretty good too.
 Ellen and Bill are on the right. Ellen's mum Renee, beside her is my mother's first cousin.

 After the bbq, we walked around the grounds of the university. Lovely place. And very empty since all the kids except for the graduates were there.

 Richard had a wee stroll on one of the open spaces.

This brand new residence was built with funds from Kirk Douglas who is a graduate of SLU.

Back at the grocery store, I just had to take a pic of one of the signs. Kinda funny.

We saw this lovely old sign, formerly neon, at a deserted motel just outside of Massena. Love old signs!
All in all, a fun and crazy afternoon. Going to another country for a barbecue! Love it.

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Evlyn said...

It looks like a fun visit. I love the old motel sign!


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