Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hospital fundraiser

Last night, there was a black-tie fundraiser dinner held in support of our local hospital. I was asked to make two cakes for the cake auction. So I made a scrubs cake, along with a stethoscope, scissors, bandages and syringe, all made of either fondant or gumpaste. The cake was chocolate and could feed 20.

I also made a cake to look like the classic board game "Operation." Thought it kind of poked fun at the hospital theme. The cake itself was carrot and was pretty big and could feed about 40.
 I'm wondering what these cakes went for at auction? Stay tuned...


Jenny said...

Both great cakes. I'm sure there were lots of laughs about the second one. Brightened up the day, for sure.

Claire said...

Your cakes are just amazing Ronna, the amount of time that goes into them!!
You are so creative, love them both.

Claire x

doo said...

I really enjoy seeing all your cakes! Thanks for sharing...the operation cake made me laugh and think back to my childhood! :-)

Evlyn said...

What fun cakes! I especially love the "Operation" cake.


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