Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Happy birthday Richard x 2

I made a cake for my cousin and my boyfriend, both cat lovers and both named Richard.

 It was a so-called "naked cake" where there is no icing on the little fondant cats could be seen coming in and out of the layers.

 Bonus: my other first cousin from Texas, Len was in town too. He doesn't have any cats but that's okay.

 The two Richards with their kitty cat birthday cake.

 Happy birthday Richard 1 and 2. You are both terrific guys!


Cat Lover said...

What a great cake! I imagine it tasted as good as it looks.

Evlyn said...

Love the kitties, especially the ones going into the cake and coming out of it. What a fun cake!

Claire said...

That's so funny Ronna, love it specially the cats rear end. Did they end up being eaten, I don't think I could, they are just too cute.... x


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