Monday, October 27, 2014

Smyth's Apple Orchard

On Sunday we headed out to visit Smyth's Apple Orchard the place that grew the first McIntosh apple.

 Inside there is a myriad of choices of types of apples. We ended up buying a basked of McIntosh (natch) and a basked of Pink Lady.

 We asked if we could walk around the orchard a bit. Picking time is long gone but we were still curious and they said we were welcome to go for a walk.

 There were still plenty of apples out back waiting to be sorted.
 The orchard was absolutely huge. Lovely trees, each one had a support stick and tied up. What a lot of work!

I was looking for a real old-timer...maybe one of the original McIntosh trees? Then I read this article from CBC about the last McIntosh tree.

 On the way back there was a bit of a commotion. The friendly farm dog had to be distracted and just rubbing his belly did the job.

 A piggy had ventured over from the farm across the road.

 He was far more interested in the fallen black walnuts than the offered apple. I'm assuming the little guy ended up back across the road...


Deb said...

I suppose he was heading to the market. :) Love those macs.

Linda Starr said...

great trip and a great sign for the market

Evlyn said...

You guys visit the coolest places. What a great late fall adventure.


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