Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pop-up supper

I went to a pop-up supper the other night. It was hosted by The Quirky Carrot in Alexandria, in collaboration with the Farmhouse Tavern, whose staff came all the way from Toronto.
In case you're curious what a pop-up dinner is, here's Wiki's definition: Pop-up restaurant

 Julia and Darcy, owners of The Quirky Carrot and The Farmhouse Tavern oversaw all the details.

 Each course was paired with a delicious wine. I forgot to photograph the oysters with which we started. Next was this amazing ploughman's platter: two kinds of Glengarry Fine Cheese, marinated colourful carrots, sausage, duck eggs soaked in beet and a fantastic sort of mousse liver-y type thing that I loved!

Next was a seared scallop with a smoked sturgeon and creme fraiche croquette with carrot romesco. Tasted great and lovely presentation.

 Then there was a smoked veg course with roasted squash, carrots, beets, brussel sprouts, brocco-flower on a bed of, was it a kohlrabi mousse?

 And finally, there was a blue plum walnut tart with concord grape sorbet and honey cream. Yum!

 Everyone worked very hard to get 40 or so plates to the table. 
And each course was paired with a complementary wine, so the sommelier was run off his feet!

 I was lucky to have such charming dinner companions. A wonderful evening, my first ever pop-up supper and what fun. Hope Darcy and his gang at the Farmhouse come back to Alexandria from the Big Smoke for a repeat performance. Truly a delightful evening.

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