Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hollyhock heaven

The hollyhocks have been absolutely amazing this year. I don't remember planting these...I must've tossed a packet of seeds into my back garden about five or six years ago and last year they were lovely...but this year they are amazing!


Claire said...

Love Hollyhocks and these look gorgeous Ronna......so healthy, doesn't look like they have any rust on them at all....perfect growing conditions, they look so happy.
I am currently working on a stitchery with Hollyhocks, so this pic will definitely inspire my stitching.
Enjoy them for me please.

Claire :)

Jenny said...

Wow! Totally awesome. Just the right combination of rain and sun, I guess.

Terri said...

Many years ago we had a hollyhock plant behind the garage in Oklahoma. A previous owner had obviously planted it there--right in the middle. They are wonderful old time flowers.


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