Thursday, July 3, 2014

Canada Day Parade in Alexandria

 My cousin, all the way from Texas, was visiting us up here in eastern Ontario. Perfect time to introduce him to our local Canada Day parade in Alexandria.

 It was super hot, like 30+ Celsius so we found some shade before the parade began.

Pierre Lemieux, our federal member of parliament, sailed by in his convertible.

Then, all of a sudden Federal Liberal party leader Justin Trudeau appeared! 

Major photo op ladies and gentlemen! Fun or what?

 The rest of the parade was really fun. Little horses pulling tiny wagons.

Gussied up tractors, festive for the season.

Loved this float with historical Canadians aboard...

A few more horses, this time, full-sized ones!

My cousin Len posing in front of my place of work, in beautiful downtown Alexandria.

 After the parade, time for ice cream!

Perfect ending to a perfect day. Happy birthday Canada!

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