Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bye Bye Bruins

I've always been a Montreal Canadiens fan and last night they eliminated the Boston Bruins. It put me in mind of an old photo my brother took when he and I went to Dorval airport to greet the conquering 1971! I was 10 years old. Someone ahead of us was swinging a poor teddy bear Bruin wearing Bobby Orr's number 4, hanging him in effigy. I remember my mother saying that that was mean. But...I was just happy the Habs beat the Bruins. Felt good in 1971 and felt pretty good in 2014 too! Go Habs go!

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Evlyn said...

Wow! What a time-warp photo. It is really interesting to look at this and think how some things have changed - such as the technology of cameras, and the fact that a "bruin-in-effigy" figure today would probably be a lot more slick. But some things have stayed the same - especially the enthusiasm of fans!


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