Monday, February 10, 2014

Woodsy Weekend

 The weather was perfect this weekend and so we spent most of it outside in the woods.

 We wore our snowshoes and so did this rabbit!

 I found some dead trees for Richard to cut and he got at it. This one he dropped right beside the newly installed picnic table...

 ...but, as Richard pointed out, he neglected to account for one 
big branch that knocked it over.

With the next tree, he dropped it dead centre onto a pair of stacked, plastic chairs that were supposed to be our picnic chairs. Oh well, I'm now in the market 
for a few butt-sized stumps!


Evlyn said...

Looks like you guys had fun, even if the table and chairs got wasted. Hope everything is repaired, replaced and ready for your annual spring picnic! I always look forward to your blog about that.

Deb said...

Gary and I were going to ask Richard if he could clear a few trees on our land but we may re-think that. hahahahaha! Looking forward to your outdoor picnic.


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