Thursday, February 27, 2014

Patterned Wallpaper

 As a graphic artist I've always loved patterns. And colour combinations.

 Ten or more years ago, my brother told me he had lined up at a movie theatre and in the trash of a designer's shop were three discarded wallpaper books. He grabbed them and put them in his car for me. I was tickled! One of the best gifts ever.

At the time I was making collages and artist trading cards so the books came in handy.
 But I've changed direction and the books just sat in my cupboard, untouched.
 I decided to chop them all out and put them in lots on my Etsy shop. 

My favourite of the papers is a collection by Scalamandré called The Grand Tour, a series of designs based on artworks from various countries.

Animal design inspired by the art in the private portfolio of Akbar, the 16th century emperor of the Mughal Dynasty. Love it.

Chinoise Exotique" is a wonderful example of Indochine design developed for export to the European market in the early 1700s .

 My absolute favourite! The mosaics inspired from a wall decoration found in an excavation on Mikonos Island off the coast of Greece. Lovely!

A new interpretation of a classical Scalamandre pattern originally adapted from an 18th century French toile.

I expect that a scrapbooker or collager will buy one of these packets of paper. They are works of art in themselves! To see my shop click here: CinnamonGirlStuff


Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

These are gorgeous! They must feel wonderful to the touch as well. Whoever gets them will be much pleased!

Evlyn said...

What beautiful designs. I can imagine that you would love to "do something" with them, but they are also just amazing to look at.


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