Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cookin' with Gas!

As an addendum to my post The End of an Era, here's the stove's replacement. It's fun to learn how to use this new stove...and now I'm cooking with gas. Stay tuned.


Billy Banana said...

U go gurl!

Anonymous said...

It looks so lovely, we are 10 blocks from the gas lines, it would cost a fortune to run the pipes to our home..I need a new kitchen range, in our home since 1978, electric, in the summer, I Q everything and only use my microwave in the the heat of the day I don't cook at all..I make sammies and salads we are okay, I was referred to your site from the just cats site, what a lovely blog you have your artistry is amazing, your blog beautiful, enjoy the summer up in Canada..cia from the pacific northwest in 100 degree heat we only get it once every 10 years and boy do we have it, we camp in our backyard, my kittehs hate the heat, they are older now, they rest in the mornings..for the 4th it should get down to 78 we are thrilled, ciao!


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