Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blue Skies, Sunshine

 The day after a snowstorm brought gorgeous sunny days and blue skies. I love how the snow clung to the hemlock boughs here.

 I looked up and noticed a large nest in a pine tree. Squirrel? Raccoon? Not sure.

 The drifts around the house were almost magical.

 The shadows, too, were magical and playful.

 I've drawn this view of light and shadow, looking up the hill many times.

 The garden gate is a good measure of how much snow has fallen.

Richard got busy with his chainsaw. Only a few more months to go till bug season!


Deb said...

Gorgeous photos, Ronna. How is the black cat at Richard's doing.?

Evlyn said...

When there are shadows on ths snow, it really is quite beautiful. That snow drift against the building is amazing.

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Wonderful winter views. Life in the country is the best! Bug season aside.


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