Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Percy and Barney

These two cuties are Richard's boy babies. The tabby and white is Barney who I found in my barn and Richard adopted. Percy, the black guy, showed up a few autumns ago, along with his sister Milly and Richard adopted them both.
Unfortunately, Milly went AWOL a week ago. Very sad. Now it's just the two boys who love spending cool days on the bed, snuggling.


Evlyn said...

Sorry to hear about Milly. But Barney and Percy look like wonderful cats, the kind one could snuggle up with.

Elaine said...

Like Evlyn, I am sorry to hear about Milly.

Barney is the spitting image of my Bennie, she was a stray rescued by Cats Protection League in England. There is a photo on my blog page - ignore the blue eyes, that was done by my brother to jazz her up, not that she needs it!

They look lovely cats.

Knatolee said...

I am still hoping Milly will make a miracle return. I love these two boys!


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