Friday, December 9, 2011

Fraser Cafe

Yesterday, a bunch of us who had worked together on the Osteoporosis calendar met for lunch in Ottawa at Fraser Cafe.

There were warm potato crisps put on the table.

Next to me sat this amazing looking sandwich special, ham and cheese.

The fellow across from us ordered the puttanesca pasta with duck meatballs. Natalie, the duck whisperer had to grab a photo!

Natalie ordered this gorgeous plate of scallops.

I had the flat bread pizza with carmelized onions, pears, brie, walnuts and arugula. Loved it!

For dessert several folks ordered the homemade, warm donuts with a creme anglais.

I had raspberry sorbet. Tasted like summer in a bowl.

As we sat and chatted and had a few laughs, the restaurant emptied and the long light of the afternoon sun poured in. A lovely afternoon.


Knatolee said...

The photos are awesome but I think the sorbet is my favourite. What beautiful, rich colours!

Addison Dewitt said...

You lead such a charmed life...

Deb said...

All looks delish.

Everything looks delish. Pop back to the post where you asked about integrating cats for a few tips. Have a great day. Deb


Deb said...

Wow...don't know what happened to that comment above. Sorry, computer going crazy here.

Linda Starr said...

OH all those recipes look so delicious, yum; and I have never seen potato crisps, just lovely they look.

The Musical Gardener said...

Wait while I wipe the drool up off my keyboard.

And Knatolee was able to sit next to the duck meatballs??


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