Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Peanut Butter and Geese

The weather has been unseasonably mild lately so on my lunch hour at work, instead of huddling in the back of the shop over the heater, I was pleased to head out to the park and have a sandwich with the Canadian geese.

They are all over Mill Pond in the centre of Alexandria.

And yes I know they poop everywhere...

...and make a big mess, it was sure fun to watch them.

And listen to them honking to each other.

I especially liked the "bum up" pose when they were diving for food.


Marcia said...

I agree. I know they are a bunch of big pests, capable of bringing down airplanes and causing all sorts of mayhem.. But they are lovely to look at.

Margie said...

You got some great photos! I just wrote a post about the geese from the perspective of a Canadian - I don't mind that they head south to poop elsewhere for a while!


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