Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Spooky Halloween

On Saturday night, Richard and I attended the Glengarry Pioneer Museum's first ever ghost walk. First stop was snacks at the Orange Lodge.

Shelley Mullin whipped up a batch of her famous Monster Munch...

...pretty yummy.

Then Lindsey escorted us through four different buildings, each with a story teller waiting inside. Some of the stories were spooky. All of them were true (?)

Last stop was Dane Lankin telling us spooky stories about Glengarry native Allan the Dogs, an itinerant chairmaker and story teller who also caught feral dogs and made mittens from them.

Looks like Dane's spirit was melding with Allan the Dogs...or some sort of apparition was appearing. Scary!
Have a spooky one, boys and girls!


Lauren from MA said...

Dog fur mittens?

Knatolee said...

EEEEYUW! WHo knew Glengarry used to have a feral-dog-mitten-maker!

Looks like a great evening!

The Musical Gardener said...

Looks like a fun event - wish it was a tad closer to Brockville.

Addison Dewitt said...

I want to move to Glengarry!

Evlyn said...

Did you wear a costume? Love all this spooky stuff on Hallowe'en.

Elisabeth said...

If those walls could talk!..Oh, wait...I guess that why you have interpreters!
Nicely gruesome for Hallowe'en!


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