Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dale Chihuly

On our recent trip to Boston, we were lucky enough to spend a day at the Museum of Fine Arts.

The Lime Green Icicle Tower is an amazing work... glass artist Dale Chihuly.

Amazing detail. Amazing work of art.


The Musical Gardener said...

Nifty, does it light up at night? That would be spectacular.

Elisabeth said... many things come to mind looking at this incredible sculpture.
For those not able to be in Boston (like me), Dale Chihuly has some pieces on display at Gallerie DeBellefeuille on Greene in Montreal. Of course, not as spectacular as this!

Marcia said...

I love his work..

Evlyn said...

What a wonderful sculpture. The photo of you looking through the green icicles is really cool!

Knatolee said...

Amazing! What a beautiful thing.


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