Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kitty Visit

Once every few weeks or so on my lunch hour, I drop into the local feed supply shop that takes in unwanted kittens.

I play with all of them and the gal who works there is happy for my visits, saying that I help to socialize them and get them adopted easier.

Sometimes you just have to nap, even if the paparrazi are flashing away.

These little black kitties had found their way into some sort of mechanical thingie that was for sale.

Cuties or what?


Knatolee said...

How can you resist them? Surely you have room in your house for 25 cats HAHAHAHA!

Deb said...

Come on Ronna. You won't even notice 4 more. :)

frannie said...

That's how cats being innately irresistable. I'm glad you visit these guys. Is there a saint for cats?

Sarah said...

@frannie - the patron saint of cats is St. Gertrude. Also the patron saint of "those who love them (cats)". There really is a saint for everything!

Sam Smith said...

O man you could get into so much trouble with kittens.. I think we unknowingly selectively breed them for the cute factor, its their survival tactic, food comes easy when you look cute :)

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Cuties. That blue cage sure doesn't look comfortable though, with those holes practically bigger than they are. It's nice that you spend time with them.

Ronna said...

Joy, that blue cage wasn't a cage at all. It was a shelf they were playing/sleeping on. They were free to run around the shop!


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