Friday, July 8, 2011

Bye Bye Bees

Last Saturday, Richard and I were sitting outside and suddenly the log cabin was swarming with bees.

Today, my friend Sam the bee whisperer, came over to remove the bees for me.

He removed the outside board and batten and then used a circular saw to get through the particle board.

On one side of the particle board there were a few nice honeycombs.

But on the other side of the wall, there were tons of bees and lots of comb. Sam was surprised that in only five day they had built all that comb. They are industrious bees!

Sam took some of the honey comb and tied it to hive racks.

Then he slid the honeycomb into the wooden bee hive.

He carefully took a stick and a dustpan and knocked some bees off their hanging comb and onto the dustpan...and then knocked them into the box where their own comb was now hanging.

As he removed the wax combs, he dropped more bees into the wooden box.

Sam was so wonderful with the bees. He didn't get stung (and neither did I!)

Most of the comb he had to throw out. He suggested I melt it down and make a candle or two.

A couple of the combs had honey -- the most DELICIOUS honey I have ever tasted! (And fresh too!)

After removal of the combs, Sam vacuumed up the bees with his homemade bee vacuum. Very cool.

He said that 70% of the bees were in his vacuum.

The rest were tucked away in their new hive and would soon be joined by the other gals in the vacuum when Sam got home.

Thanks Sam! That was a fun day. Check out Sam's fabulous bee website: Sam'


Sam Smith said...

Some nice pics :) I got all the girls home and settled into one of my best hive boxs, I'll post about it soon.

Marcia said...


Elisabeth said...

I am glad you saved the bees!

Evlyn said...

What a great step-by-step explanation of what Sam did. Bees are so important. I agree with Elizabeth and am glad they were saved.

Margie said...

What an interesting story. I've had bats in my attic, but never had bees in the wall!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Sam really is the bee whisperer! Fascinating photos.

I'm glad too that the bees could be saved and not destroyed like most exterminating companies around here would do. My son-in-law used to work for one before he became a police officer. Now, instead of varmints of the animal/insect variety, he rounds varmints of the human kind. :)


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