Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gray Jays in Algonquin

On our way home from Thanksgiving in the Muskokas, we stopped in Algonquin Park again and this time brought along raisin bread to feed the Gray Jays.

These birds are also known as the Canada Jay and Whiskey Jack. They are clever birds and don't migrate, so they're getting ready for a long, cold winter in Algonquin Park.

It was a thrill to have them land on my hand. Very cool.
To see more photos of our encounter with Gray Jays, click here to go to Richard's blog.


Knatolee said...

THere's not much I love more than feeding a bird from my hand!

Marcia said...


Evlyn said...

So now you can tell us -- what is a bird in the hand worth?

Billy Banana said...

Did it bite you?


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