Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Swans & Robins

A few years ago the town council in Alexandria decided to buy a pair of swans to try and eliminate the plethora of Canadian geese who stay on Mill Pond all summer. The swans have been shy and for the past few years have hidden in the west end of the lake. This year they've decided to swim the entire perimeter of the pond and voila! No geese!

Meanwhile, behind my house there's a very busy robin. She's built a nest with a cedar roof.

It's been pretty cold these past few nights so I hope she's been sitting tightly on those beautiful eggs.


Elisabeth said...

Those are the most beautiful eggs I have ever seen! Good job getting the shot Ronna.

Ronna said...

I waited till the mum left her nest to get her breakfast. Then I walked by the back of the house, put my camera in the air and shot. I was lucky to get these. I don't want to bother her much. By the time I got back in the house, she was sitting on her nest again!

Francine from IL said...

Good grief those eggs are gorgeous. Lucky you. I saw a broken one on the sidewalk the other day, sadly.

Knatolee said...

Beautiful swans and eggs! We have a robin nesting on the "robin shelf" we got a few years back.


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